Photo : Kira Vygrivach

Photo : Kira Vygrivach

I’m a listener, a collaborator and a creator,

a film editor. 

I love cinema since a young age. It has always been a great companionship, a refuge, and a school that taught me about almost everything. I believe it contains the ultimate truth of our complex nature as human being, with dramatic stories distilled from the mundane.  I believe it holds tremendous power to transcend emotion beyond culture and races, to liberate us and to heal us.

I cut with the mind of a script writer 

Refining structure, characters and dialogues

I cut with the mind of a director 

Deepening the theme and digging the story’s core 

I cut with the mind of an artist

Sense of aesthetic, a strong image = a thousand words, the process of sculpting

I cut with the mind of a poet

Abstraction, sensitivity and rhythm 

I cut with the mind of a designer 

Technicality, efficiency, and creative problem solving