Shanghai Story


Director: Andrej Iliev

In post production

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David lives in Shanghai, writing copy for a novelty sex toy company. His purple prose is often the subject of heated discussions between him and his employer.

One day on the Bund he crosses paths with Alice, who convinces him to join her and her hand drawn map on an adventure through the neon-lit city.

Shot on location in China, Andrej Iliev’s indie film Shanghai Story is a love letter to the city of Shanghai and its colourful inhabitants.



With: Emilie Ohana, Drago Lazetich

Producers: Huijin Zhu, Andrej Iliev, Lisa Xu

ZAX Production

DOP: Gert Kombate, Andrej Iliev

Composer:Arian Cermak


Peony Pavillion


(Final Cut Editor)




Moi Non Plus

Me Neither


DIRECTOR: Kira Vygrivach

13 mins

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 23.12.37.png


Two women met one year after the break up of their long relationship.

The couple travel in Paris in the lightness of spring. They have a day to clarify their feelings. It is a light film that will speak to all those who have had a love in their life or who have just dreamed of it.

Screenshot 2019-01-14 at 23.12.48.png


With: Sara Bussy, Marie Cluzet

Writen and directed by: Kira Vygrivach

Production: Kira Vygrivach, François Nolla(Les Derniers



The distance between us



Director: Michael MK Siu

21 mins


Earphones plugged in and a hand in cast, a girl travels alone in Toronto's commuting crowds, absorbed in her own thoughts. When the sudden death of her mother leaves Jessica in the custody of a stranger -- an excommunicated father a long plane journey away -- she must overcome her grief and make the decision of having a distant family or having no one at all. An amicable first meeting ensues, followed by a trip to Hong Kong, a city she never gets to understand, and finds the answer to a long-held question.


With: Jessica Ying, Andrew Li

Writers: Michael MK Siu, Ada Chu, Macy Siu

Producers: Michael MK Siu, Andrew Wald, Christian Peterson, Wowen Mei, Derek So

DOP: Michael MK Siu, Bowen Mei, Christian Peterson

Composer: Calvin Lam

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